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Unitised Building – it’s the future … now!

Axis Tower Site Team

Axis Tower was specifically named to highlight its unique and central location within Manchester city centre. This iconic residential tower is located in the heart of one of Europe’s most vibrant cities and is surrounded by major transport links, the central business district, popular shopping areas, Media City and many other key attractions.

Axis Tower consists of 27 floors and is 89m high. Despite the height of the building, the footprint is relatively small and access to the site is heavily constrained by road, rail and canal networks. Because of this, no building materials could be stored on site; requiring all cladding elements delivered to the site being immediately fitted to the building. Such logistical constraints enabled HansenFacades to offer a unitised and innovative approach for cladding the building. Also, the site office was located away from the construction site; making management far more challenging and careful planning very important.

HansenFacades manufactured the panels at one of its offshore production facilities and imported them in containers/crates (taking 6 weeks) into one of their UK storage facilities. From this facility, the panels for a specific planned install time were sorted and delivered to site just-in-time, and then immediately installed on to the building.

Technically, 3 types of ACM (aluminium composite panels) cladding panels were used and 10 different types of high specification performance glass; offering varying levels of acoustic, thermal and solar control properties.

Despite the significant site and design challenges, the unitised installation work which was programmed to take 52 weeks, but was completed by the site team 2 months ahead of schedule. As a result, the main contractor was pleased and impressed with such a good performance. Panel installation went well due to excellent planning, logistics, installation procedures and teamwork. Work is planned to finish on site during August 2019.

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