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Out with the Old

In 2009 HansenFacades completed substantial work to the Woolwich Civic Centre. The design included a long 100m double skin (thermal flue) glass facade.

A couple of months ago, AccentHansen was asked to replace a broken glass unit on the roof. The unit was a triangular corner piece originally supplied by HansenThermoSpan with bolted fittings and was silicone pointed in position. The work was broadened to include a further two broken units; one large unit to the soffit on the main entrance and one on the ground floor to the side elevation adjacent to a door.

The soffit work was difficult as some of the building structure was formed around the original unit after installation. Parts of the bulkhead on the inside of the building needed to be removed to gain access to the retaining bolted fixings. An MC285 manipulator fitted with an Octopus power sucker was used to lift the glass unit into place.

The replacement of the roof unit posed a challenge with safe access. The operative gained access to the top of the glass using a truck mount cherry picker from the outside, while access from inside was via an aluminium alloy scaffold. The operation to remove and replace the unit had to be done with great care as the operatives needed to be present in the cherry picker but also the crane needed to operate lifting the glass within the same space. To further complicate the operation, there was a building site adjacent to the site that had a tower crane carrying out lifting operations. AccentHansen's glass lifting operation needed to be coordinated with the lifting team on the building site to avoid any collision.

This small project posed many challenges, but the work was completed successfully by careful planning and good supervision by our team.