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Health & Safety


We do not compromise when it comes to Health and Safety. We aim to be a recognised leader in Health and Safety in the construction sector. AccentHansen is part of the HansenGroup and therefore uses the HansenGroup Health and Safety system.

Managing Health & Safety

We have well-established policies and systems in place to manage Health and Safety, that are continually reviewed and updated to reflect or improve industry best practice.

All contracts have their Health and Safety risks assessed regularly, and senior managers conduct site tours where they proactively review and discuss any issues with people at all levels.

General Statements of Policy

1. We are committed to achieving the highest, reasonably practicable standards of workplace health, safety, and welfare. To this end, we shall not compromise these standards to achieve other business objectives.
2. To ensure this aim, we will apply all reasonably practicable means to continually improve our performance working towards the objectives of eliminating workplace hazards, accidents and ill-health.
3. As a minimum standard, we will comply with all relevant legislation, regulations, and codes of practice.
4. We recognise that the management of health and safety is of equal in importance as any other business activity and we give full support to those who endeavour to fulfil this Policy.
5. We understand that, ultimately, the Chief Executive Officer has overall responsibility for health and safety.
6. However, in order to assist in fully discharging our duties, we have appointed a Director with specific responsibility for Health and Safety, at board level, for the businesses, to which this Policy applies.
7. Notwithstanding (6) above, each business that falls within scope of this Policy, has a Business Unit Leader who is responsible for the implementation of this Policy within their business.
8. To be effective, the implementation and maintenance of the Health and Safety Policy requires the involvement of all employees. Employees will be actively encouraged to participate and contribute to the success of this Policy.
9. For those who have specific responsibilities/duties toward employees, premises or equipment. Must understand and appreciate that their duties in respect of the Management of Health and Safety are inseparable from their other business responsibilities.
10. The Company is committed to providing all necessary and appropriate training for all employees to enable them to work safely and ensure they are suitably capable and competent to undertake their specific roles within the business.
11. Every employee has a legal duty to act responsibly and to do everything possible to prevent injury to themselves and to other people. The success of this policy depends on the co-operation of everybody.
12. Effective communication is essential for the achievement and maintenance of high standards.
Good communication involves the flow of information in all directions. All employees, irrespective of their position and responsibilities have an important part to play in communicating effectively.
13. These general statements of policy, organisation and arrangement contained within this Policy apply to:
• AccentHansen Ltd
• HSHansen Ltd
HansenGroup UK
14. The Health and Safety Management System details the organisation and arrangements for the implementation of this Policy.
15. We shall review The Health and Safety Policy as often as is considered necessary, but no less than annually. We recognise to achieve our aims we must persistently work to strive for Continuous Improvement.