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Aluminium & Steel Windows

HansenGroup made its first steel window in Denmark during 1936 and initially grew its business on the success of its steel windows.

In 1959, Hansen started producing aluminium doors, windows and façades in Denmark and continued to this very day.
First steel window by HansenGroup

Aluminium Windows & Doors

Aluminium windows and doors are a popular choice for contemporary buildings, for both residential and commercial projects.

Aluminium doors and windows were traditionally quite 'chunky' in appearance, but are now increasingly available in slim, streamlined aesthetically pleasing profiles; making them an ideal fit for contemporary designs. There is also a wide choice for improved security, acoustic control, thermal insulation, and aesthetics. Traditionally, they have not been good at providing fire integrity and insulation.

Aluminium windows and doors offer the following advantages:
• Most affordable option over the lifetime of the window
• Slim frames and maximum expanse of glass
• Robust, durable and easy to maintain
• Long-lasting colour and a high-end finish
• Energy efficiency
• Weight saving over steel windows
• Aluminium is a fully sustainable product

Hansen Millennium™ is one of the best slim-line systems on the market that has been designed by Hansen over ten years ago. For more information, please click on the Hansen Millennium™ page.

We can also offer aluminium window, door and curtain walling solutions from Schüco, Metal Technology, AluProf and HansenGroup.

Steel Windows & Doors

Initially, steel windows replaced wooden windows and door because of there strength, robust and narrow sightlines. Over the years, window profile designs have developed to include improved thermal insulation, security, longevity and fire resistance.

Steel windows advantages include:
• Very thin sightlines (steel is three times stronger than aluminium)
• Durability and longevity
• Low maintenance
• Improved security
• Thermal break variants for enhanced energy saving
• Fire protection
• Steel is a fully sustainable product

Most noteworthy, we can now offer window, door and curtain walling solutions from Jansen and Forster.